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Parallel Lines


This is me

I'm Hariprasath. I'm from a city surrounded by mountains, and it's called Salem. Even at my very young age, I had a keen interest in contents related to technology and social transformation. That's how I persuaded myself to pursue an education in the field of media and political science. My most desired passion is creating digital art as a medium of communication for the voices inside and outside of me. I draw my inspiration from all the books I've read and the movies I've watched. The world transforms in every single microsecond of its existence, and all I wish is to learn, run, and catch up with the pace.

Fucsia Background


Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphic Design, Photo Rendering, Logo Reveal

Image by MagicPattern


Yarish - Snacks

Intern as Motion Graphic Designer

CSA - Centre for Social Action

Worked as Video Editor and Content creator as part of college responsibilities.

Saad Khan - Director

Freelanced as Video Editor, Graphic Designer

Mashh (Flearn) App

Part-time as Graphic Designer

Image by Luke Chesser


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Lightroom

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